In the latest release of ACDSee, ACDSee Pro, and ACDSee Ultimate, a nifty little feature was added for the creative on the go.

So you’re browsing your images in View mode, making decisions about the fate of the shots in that particular album. For example, could some of these look great with a special effect? You’re thinking that maybe a certain photo might look decent in black and white. Ordinarily, you would take that image into Edit or Develop mode to find out for sure. But now, you get a sense of how it will look on the fly, without having to leave View mode. Here’s how:

With your image open in View mode, press the Auto Lens button. auto_lens_button


Then, select the filter you want to try out. It’s worth mentioning that this is a commitment-free preview of what these effects would look like. You are not applying the filter to the file.


If you want to try out this effect on a number of photos, use the Filmstrip or Previous/Next button to preview more images with your selected filter. The Lens will remain turned on in View mode until you turn it off.

To turn off your selected filter, press the Auto Lens button and select None.


There is also another button following the same concept but for an exposure boost. It’s called Auto EQ and it’s located right next to the Auto Lens button. auto_eq_button Before Auto EQ:


After Auto EQ:


This tool takes the guesswork out of assessing an image’s exposure. And, perhaps in some cases, helps to quickly establish which ones are worth the time of actually adjusting. Hurray! Time saving!

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