Things Organized Neatly

Posted: March 24, 2015 in Creative Stuffz
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Turns out there’s a blog out there for all of us anal, OCD-types, but for photography inspiration! Check out Things Organized Neatly.

  1. tvkoch says:

    The article pointed to by the most recent so called tutorial is not what I am looking for in your posts. Just what was the point? It certainly did not teach me anything about your software. I am disappointed to  say the least. When do you plan on your next real tutorial? I do like the software and wish to learn how better to utilize its many capabilities.Ted Koch

    • Hi Ted,
      Thank you for your comment. From time to time, I like to also post photography inspiration and points of interest. Please feel free to scroll down, as we have nearly 50 earlier tutorials on the ACDSee, ACDSee Pro, and ACDSee Ultimate products. I will post a new tutorial as soon as I can.

  2. pentapixel says:

    thanks for the post. My eyes enjoyed the education, and the compositioons tickled my fancy

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