Showing Your Screen to Others: The Lazy Way

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Educational Stuffz
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There was a time when I thought that I needed a variety of software to achieve a few simple tasks, even though they were somewhat related. For example, I thought I needed a screen capturing app, never bothering to realize that I can do this in ACDSee.

When you encounter hiccups in your day to day computer use and you need to communicate with the technology expert in your life, when you really want to show your friend, teacher, mom, therapist, etc just what the heck you’re talking about, when you’re too tired or lazy to use your words: a screenshot will speak volumes.

When you are ready to take a capture of any part of your screen, in Manage or View mode, go to Tools | Screen Capture… The Screen Capture dialog will allow you to configure the area you want to capture. You can select between capturing:

  • your current monitor
  • an entire window, or just the content inside of it
  • a region with a fixed size, (which you can specify from the drop-down menu), or a region that you select with your mouse cursor
  •  an object, such as a child window, or a menu under your cursor


When capturing any area, except for a region, you can elect to include your mouse cursor in the shot by checking the Include mouse cursor checkbox at the bottom of the dialog.

Next, decide on the destination for your capture. Do you want to place it on the clipboard? From here, you can paste it to a new location. Or do you want to open the captured image in your default editor? Or, choose File to have the Save dialog come up after you have taken your capture, at which point you can choose a name, location, and format for the file.


Next, identify how you want to take your capture. Since you won’t want the Screen Capture dialog in your way, you must choose how to initiate the capture. If you want to choose a combination of keys to act as a keyboard shortcut to initiate your capture, enter them in the Hot key area. I chose “P” so that I can press the key and go, “Pow!” If you would rather the screenshot be taken at a designated point in time, you can use the Timer option. Choose enough time to set up whatever it is that you want to capture on your screen.


To begin, press Start. If you have opted to take a capture of a selected region, drag your cursor around your desired area when prompted. If you opted to use a hot key, enter it when ready.

And, there you go. Find your capture according to where you selected to put it. I saved mine here:


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