A World in a Grain of Sand

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Creative Stuffz

I like being reminded that, all around the world, people are making art via creative photoshoots. While I think we’re all exposed to a lot of wedding photography and naked babies in front of  Christmas lights, there’s still more to photograph! Through skill, crazy equipment, and a desire to frame the world and present it to us in ways we hadn’t necessarily even bothered to ponder, there are photographers out there making some pretty cool stuff…

I submit to you, Exhibit A:

sand-grains-under-microscope-gary-greenberg-61This photographer, Dr.Greenberg, shows us the beauty of sand magnified 300x. I’ll be the first to admit that the composition of sand is not as simple as I had once thought.


If you like that, you should definitely check out the whole collection, here:


Though, you’ve been warned — this site will suck you in!

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